Security envelopes

Polyethylene (PE) Security covers

 Security bags for transport of banknotes and documents.

Bags ensure maximum security because:
°   They are made of highly firm multi-layer polyethylene, they are resistant against           
- Ripping
- Extreme weather conditions
- handling (also against using heat, freezing, mechanical handling)
°   They contain printed twofold flat welds
°   Their closure is made of:
- Permanent sealing tape on base of deformation of bag or
- Sealing foil with security tape resistant to influences of weather and chemical substances (security tape can contain thermostrip)
°    They can be sequentially numbered with barcodes on bags and stubs/ counterfoils
°    They can be highly customized (printing, format, equipped with pockets for dispatch documents or various handles for easier manipulation)

150x220x0,070mm od 2,85 CZK per piece
200x260x0,070mm od 2,99 CZK per piece
300x400x0,080mm od 3,99 CZK per piece

Material LDPE 70micrometers
Colour black-white
Tape Security
Printing twofold
Numbering on envelope and stubs/ counterfoils
Barcode yes